Covid-19 Update

Online consultations and rehabilitation
with JB Physio, live and working well.

How it works:
First call me on 07930 424 841. I will ask you some questions about your problem to check that online physio will help. We then book an appointment time to suit you. I use Zoom video conferencing to set up a meeting with you as it is so easy to use (but I can use other platforms if you prefer). I am then able to assess your injury, your posture, what muscles and joints are affected. I can talk you through performing some diagnostic tests on yourself and work out what the cause is. Great, half way to solving the problem!

Next I can demonstrate rehabilitative exercises, stretches, postural adjustments and movements and then get you to do them while I watch to make sure they are done correctly. It works really well. I can also demonstrate taping and strapping techniques, advise on supports, braces, insoles and other equipment you may need that you can order for home delivery. Problem solved from the safety and convenience of your own home.

Types of injuries I have helped so far:
Since starting online consultations I have helped people recover from all sorts of injuries ranging from neck pain right down to foot problems.

Low back pain responds very well to guided exercises and often just one session can get you back on your feet again.

Shoulder pain that is not going away usually needs a carefully designed exercise program with trigger point pressure on specific muscles that I have successfully got clients working on themselves.

Many of my recent clients have taken up running and DIY or are sat at a computer working more than usual leading to knee and hip injuries or postural related pains. I have been pleased with the results of home stretching combined with professionally designed strength and conditioning programs as well as ergonomic workstation advice.

I am also getting an increasing number of calls from people who have had surgery and need help and reassurance regarding exercises and what they should or should not be doing. I am familiar with most post operative protocols and am currently guiding a number people forward in their recovery.

If in doubt, call me. I will work out if I can help you. If I can, we can get started straight away.

A personal note:
Covid-19 has been devastating for so many people and for all sorts of reasons and my thoughts are with those who have suffered from the effects of this virus. I was shocked and upset like so many around the country at shutting down my services overnight in order to save lives. I still can't believe the irony of having to close my physio practice doors in order to help people when that is why they were opened all those years ago! However, not to be defeated, I have been changing the way I work and am delighted and excited about being able to get back to doing what I do best in these difficult times. Its new to me, its new to us all but we have to try new things to stay safe. So let's give it a go!

I look forward to meeting you and working together.



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