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About Physiotherapy

Welcome to JB-Physio the complete physiotherapy and rehabilitation service. We specialise in diagnosing and treating problem joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and trapped nerves.

If you have had a sports injury, work related injury or have got aches and pains that have started for no apparent reason at all, we can provide a specialist neuro-musculo-skeletal assessment and treatment program.

Treating the cause of your symptoms, rather than covering then up with pain killers, is the main objective. JB-Physio will assess which tissues, joints or nerves are at fault and, more importantly, what is causing the problem. It may be that you have injured tissue that needs the correct management in order to heal, you have a stuck joint that needs manipulating, it may be related to posture or the way you move, it may be referred pain from your neck or back or due to your footwear or desk position. Whatever it is JB-Physio will endeavour to find the underlying cause, explain your diagnosis and give you various options on how to treat it. Together we can find treatments to suit you.

As a Chartered Physiotherapist I achieved a 1st class physiotherapy science degree that covered all areas of anatomy, physiology, injury management and treatment techniques. Physiotherapists understand how your body works; I have had several years of experience in all area of NHS departments and was the head physio at a specialist physiotherapy rehabilitation centre for sports and industrial injuries, post operative care and chronic pain. I am trained and experienced in the use of gentle joint stretches and manipulation techniques, exercise prescription, soft tissue release and massage, sport strapping and, as a member of the Acupuncture Association of Chartered physiotherapists, I use acupuncture when appropriate. We can discuss which treatments may return your health and when you are happy we can get started in the first session.

Why Physiotherapy and what does it do?

Physio looks at your whole body and movement to diagnose your problem. For example; a stiff neck may be irritating a nerve that runs to your shoulder. Just treating your shoulder would be of little benefit. Similarly muscle spasm in your low back may be as a result of a locked joint in your spine. No amount of massage will solve the problem unless the joint is manipulated. Much to his surprise, I solved a golfer's 5 year mystery knee pain by freeing up his stiff shoulder so he could swing his club without twisting at his knee. A physiotherapist is able to take a step back and work out what is really going on with the way you move your body to determine how to correct it.

As a Chartered Physiotherapist I am trained and practiced in all aspects of joint, nerve and soft tissue treatment. Unlike other 'therapies' that only use massage or can only manipulate joints, I have had many years' training in all techniques. I know which treatment is appropriate for the stage of recovery and which treatments to use together. For example; acupuncture can be very effective for pain relief but I rarely use it alone. More often I will combine it with manual therapy or strapping techniques and self help exercise and advice in the same session. My clients get so much more by seeing a Phyiso.

You cannot beat experience. No other 'therapies' go through the same rigorous training and gain the experience of a physiotherapist. We complete a three year Bachelor of Science Degree alongside nine months of working in various hospitals before we are qualified to practice. Then the work really starts as we spend many years working in almost every hospital department. From A&E to intensive care units, from fracture clinic to cardiac rehabilitation, from sport injuries to neurological diseases and from amputees to respiratory diseases, we see it all before we can specialise. That is why you should always seek the opinion of a physiotherapist first before trying other 'alternative' therapies.

JB-Physio uses the latest techniques and technologies. This is a legal requirement! Because we are more closely regulated than other 'therapies' we have to prove every year that we have kept up to date with the latest developments and treatments in neuro-musculo-skeletal medicine. This is great for you the client and me the physio. You get cutting edge treatment and advice and I get to stay at the top of my game. And there is more to JB-Physio than just treating problems. I design injury prevention programs, body screening to identify potential problems and correct them. Ask me about the amazing muscle activation sequences to improve your performance or sleep and relaxation techniques. Physiotherapy can improve your health in many ways.

JB-Physio can work with your Doctor, Surgeon and other healthcare professionals. Because physiotherapy is part of mainstream healthcare we are constantly liaising with GPs, surgeons, neurologists and others to achieve the best care for our clients. If you require further investigations or even surgery, JB-Physio will be able to advice you on how to organise this and who else may need to be brought on board to restore your health.

Above all else physiotherapy puts you, the client, first! It is in fact our legal obligation to give you an accurate, clearly explained diagnosis. We are obliged to explain all the treatment options open to you, get your consent before starting any treatment and give you the option to stop at any time so empowering you to look after yourself wherever possible. Unfortunately not all other therapies have the same code of conduct. We will not frighten you into coming back for treatment month after month with spurious diagnoses like slipped discs (you can't slip a disc) or spinal bones that are out of place and need putting back in (they aren't and they don't). We will not persuade you to pay in advance for several sessions or claim we can cure everything (we can't). JB-Physio will provide you with a clear understanding of the assessment findings, your options, my recommendations and likely outcome of any treatment we agree upon. If I can't help I will tell you immediately. You will get first class, honest treatment and I will expect to see results quickly.