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Womens Health & Fitness

What our service helps with:
Women’s health physiotherapy and fitness is a passion of Liz’s. It can form a vital part of post-natal rehabilitation as well as being an effective way of addressing some of the issues caused by menopause and ageing.

Having had children herself, she understands the demands of pregnancy and birth, and the importance of rehabilitation post-delivery. Joint aches and pains, urinary incontinence, pelvic pain and instability are all things Liz can help you with.

Liz also believes the effects of menopause and ageing should be appreciated more. Maintaining strength and fitness become evermore important as our hormone levels change; something else she can help with.

How we help:

Liz works with every patient to help them regain confidence and function effectively, using her in-depth Pilates training to compliment her physiotherapy skills.

She believes strongly in education, empowering women to understand and manage their own bodies, and is particularly focused on posture, strength, pelvic floor function and the way a person moves. The goal/result is a more efficient body - saving time, energy, pain and leaks!