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Lizzie Bird Profile

Lizzie is a registered osteopath with the General Osteopathic Council, and a highly experienced injury therapist with over 14 years of clinical experience. She continuously adapts her practice to support a wide range of clients; from professional athletes to elderly patients.

Lizzie has a exceptional understanding of human movement; her major skills lying in her precise ability to assess and to help improve the way the body should innately move. She guides her clients back to ownership of their body, and control of their own physical progress under her expert guidance.

Lizzie’s focus is to help you move and function better through stimulating the body in logical and progressive way. She understands the best pathways your movement should follow, ensuring the greatest chance of full recovery. Lifestyle changes are an integral part of Lizzie’s treatment philosophy, so her treatments are integrated with corrective exercise and movement therapy. Lizzie uses FRC and ELDOA techniques in rehabilitation; systems of exercise techniques that are highly regarded in physical therapy and top-level sport rehabilitation.

Prior to qualifying as an osteopath, Lizzie had over 10 years experience in delivering exercise and rehabilitation training. Lizzie maintains an active interest in research and education. In addition to keeping her own knowledge current, she also lectures at The Exmouth School of Massage on Movement rehabilitation, and writes for various health publications on physical health.

In her own time, Lizzie is a keen surfer, runner and stand up paddle boarder. She is also a world champion surfboat rower.